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“The struggle is real, Very real!”

Categories: Anguilla

While outwardly, most have come to terms with the new norms, like sitting in the blazing sun trying to recharge your devices, while catching a bit of free wifi, anything to remain connected to the outside world.

Many seem to have moved on…

From official statements, the island is now transitioning from the relief stage to the rebuilding phase.

But that depends on the individual’s vantage point.  While some are able to adjust or return to what is our new “normal”, many are still greatly affected.

  • Some are still homeless….finding refuge with relatives, friends, and even strangers
  • The single parent with no home and now a prospect of unemployment due to the devastation…..
  • The student holding a part-time job while caring for a now disabled parent…..
  • The families who normally would not fit the bill of vulnerable or needy, now finding themselves in need…..

These are just some of the stories.

Irma has dissipated in the northern Atlantic, but the storms for many continue…

The struggle is real. Very real!