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The SXM Distribution

Categories: St. Martin

The SXM Distribution Organizers

The SXM Distribution Organizers 2017
The movers and shakers going from left to right Mr. Ernie (SXM Business man), Janel Thomas (NTCOG French Quarter),Marcellia Henry (Assistant Governor SXM Rotary Club), Lenworth Wilson (Gifted Foundation) and Joel Wilson (Volunteer)

When Hurricane Irma passed through the Caribbean, we were very thankful the casualty was minimal. However, the devastation that Irma left as her fingerprint told the world that she was a formidable culprit leaving in her wake thousands of people in rubble and chaos. Irma left the place in shambles, the looters made it even worst by destroying the stores, giving the island’s economy a devastating blow. Therefore, the need is significant and on-going. So much more help is needed as people are in still living in substandard conditions. When our team in SXM delivered the emergency relief supplies that you donated, they were surprised to see the large number of families that are still living in the ballpark. One volunteer said, “I was shocked to see that so many people are still in need clothes and the basic necessities”. She has a new-found interest in the welfare of the people in those conditions and is praying for ways to help.

St. Martin Supplies In Red Car
St. Martin Supplies In White Car

St. Martin Delivery 1
St. Martin Supplies Delivery Team

“It was such a nice feeling working with this team the beauty of it we were in one accord, we were it unity and because of that the work was enjoyable, I admired this young adorable couple Brother and Sister Wilson for their hard work God bless you and your team, Sister Thomas and her team from the New Testament Churches of God God bless us all, It’s my pleasure working with you again, Love you HD Relief Campaign, love you team members. I wish us all a good night sleep in Jesus name” ~ Beverly

I would like to say much thanks to HD Relief Campaign for all that they did for us. It was amazing indeed to participate in such a gratifying activity. My heart is overwhemled. I especially enjoyed giving out the relief tis evening. It was the icing on the cake after working with such a wonderful team.~ Aline Forouil

Amazing!! great team work today. Thanks HD Relief Campaign and Gifted Foundation I realy admire the work you all have been doing in the community (before and after the hurricane) keep up the great works no matter what. ~ Janel Thomas

“Thank you HD Relief Campaign for your hard work and effort to make this possible. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Church of God team and to Lensworth so much we did great today. TO GOD BE THE GLORY WE DID AWESOME!!!!” ~ Ahyofeh Lewis Williams

The Orlando Chapter

The Orlando Chapter
From the Left: Lenore Wright, Jasmine Johnson, Athea Blake, Shirlee Gelin, Lera & Dasent Browne

Big thanks going out to HD Relief Campaign you have such a big heart may god continue to bless you . And to the Rotary and the New Testament Church of God team we did a great work today

Major Stakeholders

The Ephraim Project
The Rotary St. Martin
The GIFTED Foundation