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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HD Relief different from other relief organizations?

1) HD Relief’s approach to emergency relief response is to serve the most vulnerable population first; the elderly, individuals with disabilities, the mentally ill, the homeless, pregnant mothers and infants. They are our first priority.

2) HD Relief partners with two or more local faith based and civic organizations. To ensure there is an established distribution channel to serve the community and to ensure the relief supplies are distributed to the intended recipients in an equitable manner.

3) HD Relief collaborates with Caribbean focused organizations, faith based and community organizations, businesses, and individuals residing in the Unites States and is the conduit for channeling contributions from donors to the people in need.

4) HD Relief is an organization, which pledges to minimize overhead cost and frivolous expenditures and channel as close to 100% of donations to the intended recipients – the people in dire need of relief assistance. We believe in accountability and transparency, and will do everything possible to ensure we report to you, the people, on what we are doing through newsletters, social media, and website posts.

When the Hurricane emergence is over what will HD Relief do?

1) HD Relief is dedicated to helping Caribbean island/communities recover from disaster. Primarily the vulnerable population will continue to be our focus. Although we may not be able to help a large number of people, we will be able to help some individuals in non-U.S. areas where insurance or U.S. federal assistance is not available to assist and helping with disaster recovery and infrastructure rebuilding.

2) We aim to develop our capabilities and capacity will plan to be a rapidly deployable asset and an integral part of the first responders. We are focusing on the areas of public awareness, disaster coordination, emergency communication infrastructure, transshipment coordination and logistics partnership development, medical partnership integration, and research and development of new and/or improved construction methods for constructing buildings capable of withstanding the forces of category-5 hurricanes.

Who are the members of the organization?

The current board members of HD Relief are individuals who have a heart for the people of the Caribbean and who also lived through many of the disasters the people of the Caribbean routinely experience. We welcome everyone to become a part of our support network as we work towards developing a visionary organization capable of meeting the needs of the Caribbean people.

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